Results Today from Synaptic on Fri 01-Dec at 08:08 pm - #209 Nic and Ebi (Canicross Zone 4) 75.2 race and 845 league points. #103 Justine Nellie and Boof (Canicross Zone 5) 73.4 race and 830 league points. #206 Mike and Doris (Canicross Zone 9) 78.5 race and 873 league points. #59 Anna Bob and Willow (Canicross Zone 5) 69.3 race and 778 league points. #217 Sam and Archie (Canicross Zone 10) 74 race and 830 league points. #178 Ian and Sage (Canicross Zone 5) 72.5 race and 834 league points. #16 Jill Luna and Sophie (Canicross Zone 4) 79.8 race and 895 league points...#60 Mandy Florrie and Reva (CaniTrek) 71.4 points. #96 Elizabeth and Winnie (CaniTrek) 70.5 points. #98 Sacha and Robin (CaniTrek) 65.6 points. #88 Fiona and Hector (CaniTrek) 64.1 points. #208 Suzanne Luca and Eva (CaniTrek) 68.6 points...No Bikejör or Scooter results yet ...No CaniSwim results yet    Results Yesterday (Thu 30-Nov) from Synaptic - #178 Ian and Sage (Canicross Zone 6) 76.2 race and 856 league points. #89 Iain and Jet (Canicross Zone 5) 77.4 race and 872 league points. #106 Susan Jack and Claire (Canicross Zone 4) 76.5 race and 859 league points. #164 Kirsten and Finn (Canicross Zone 5) 70.2 race and 834 league points. #117 Abi and Jambo (Canicross Zone 3) 72.7 race and 823 league points. #90 Donna Maisie and Finn (Canicross Zone 5) 76.3 race and 858 league points. #90 Donna Maisie and Finn (Canicross Zone 3) 70.6 race and 811 league points. #44 Alison Zac and Olly (Canicross Zone 7) 76.8 race and 868 league points. #205 Susan and Mindy (Canicross Zone 7) 75.5 race and 857 league points. #94 Sarah and Tiggy (Canicross Zone 6) 73.3 race and 835 league points...#88 Fiona and Hector (CaniTrek) 64.6 points. #208 Suzanne Luca and Eva (CaniTrek) 67 points. #96 Elizabeth and Winnie (CaniTrek) 75 points. #60 Mandy Florrie and Reva (CaniTrek) 73.2 points...No Bikejör or Scooter submissions...No CaniSwim submissions

Today's interview is with Susan Fraser. Susan is an active member of Canicross Aberdeenshire and recently ran in the European Championships for Team GB recording impressive performances. She has 2 rescue pointers (Jack & Claire). Susan has also been raising the profile of using Canicross to improve mental health. 

Q1. Hi Susan, you managed last year to do something incredible which was to come back from severe injury and compete as a rank outsider with a rescue pointer and mix it with the best in your class in the Euros at Leipa. Before we get to the key questions all World Cup competitors want to know a few other questions...

So the first thing is what do you like about canicross ?

A1 For me there are 3 keys things I love about canicross. Dogs the most important, Being outdoors, The people – I have met so many lovely people since being involved in canicross both in person and online. Many of whom I now count as friends.

Q2. So the next question is easy, what are the things you don't like about canicross ?

A2 The cold - I know its better for the dogs but not for me and early starts. My friends will laugh as I’m always the one trying to push a run back ½ an hour in the morning. 

Q3. What are your canicross ambitions for the future?

A3 This year I hope to stay injury free and qualify for the ICF in Leipa and IFSS in France . A lottery win along the way would be helpful. 

Q4 OK.... to the inside information. What are tips that you would give World Cup competitors with things to avoid during the tournament ?

A4 Pick your route – nothing too technical, you don’t want to be worrying about falling while you are sprinting. Make sure you have left at least 2 hours between feeding your dog and you prior to running. Your dog wont want to run on a full stomach also less than 2 hours you could make them ill.

Q5 Do you think there are things you would advise World Cup competitors to do, or to take note of, or do during the tournament?

A5 Warming up enough so your heart rate is already up before you start sprinting. This helps avoid injury and should help towards you a better time. Try to not overthink thing’s just go out and enjoy it 

Q6 So, What do you think the secret to winning a knockout?

A6 Run as fast as you can every time – If there is another secret please can someone share ?

Q7 How would you describe the experience of competing in a tough knockout competition ?

A7 Its fun having something to aim for. The banter and support on the page is the best, keeps it all fun.

Q8. Are there other questions we should have asked that you would have liked us to ask? If so what are they and what would be the answer(s)?

A8 How do you know if you have run as fast as you can in your round?  - Being sick as you cross the finish is a pretty good indicator.( for me anyway )