Today's interview is pretty inspirational. Sarah Moran modestly describes herself as "a rather time poor mum of four and GP (doctor). I've been running with my 5 year old Hungarian Viszla 'Sako' for the last two years so fairly new to the sport." - Sarah says she is not competitive... beware of her determination !

Q1. Hi Sarah, your transformation is incredible. Before we get to the key questions all World Cup competitors want to know a few other questions...

So the first thing is what do you like about canicross ?

A1. Canicross has been brilliant physically for us both. I've a lost significant amount of weight. Sako has put on muscle going from underweight for his breed to perfect according to the vet. 

Q2. So the next question is easy, what are the things you don't like about canicross ?

A2. I dislike the weather when it is too hot to run. Running carrying filled poo bags is also not great but I can't think of much else I dislike! 

Q3. What are  your canicross ambitions for the future ?

A3. I'd like to run a marathon together. Most importantly to continue to enjoy our runs and to be a good role model for our children. 

Q4. OK.... to the inside information. What are tips that you would give World Cup competitors with things to avoid during the tournament ?

A4. I'm excited to participate in the world cup and planning to enjoy our runs together and not take it too seriously.

Q5. Do you think there are things you would advise World Cup competitors to do or to take note of, or do during the tournament?

A5. This question shows my lack of research! I don't think so but I plan to read everyone else's answers to this question to educate myself.

Q6. Do you have any strategies for the knockout ?

A6. Our only strategy is to get out there and have fun. 

Q7. How do you think you will prepare both mentally and physically for competing in a tough knockout competition ?

A7. If we get knocked out in the first week that is fine! I'm looking forward to following everyone else's progress over the tournament too. 

Q8. Are there other questions we should have asked that you would have liked us to ask ? If so what are they and what would be the answer(s), or maybe even a personal statement ?

A8. I'd like to thank the league for all the work they put into making bark life and canicross what it is. Also the grass roots Canicross clubs up and down the UK (shout out to Canicross Lincolnshire) who put hours of time into educating and supporting newcomers to run safely with dogs. You're all incredible and thank you.