Today we talk to Kate Colcutt, someone who has been with the league from day 1 - Kate started running at 50 with couch to 5k. She completed  training with a local group with 'Herbie' and did her first races in Skipton and then Dalby in North Yorkshire UK. When she got 'Moose' that year her intention was to train him up when he was old enough. They started about 18 months later. Unfortunately. Herbie decided pulling wasn’t for him so now it’s just Moose and Kate. Herbie occasionally free runs alongside but likes to ambush Moose which isn’t helpful! Kate and her canine running partners are currently completing a 10k to half marathon course with the fabulous Lindsey of North Yorkshire Canicross.

Q1. What do you like about Canicross ?

A1. I love that my reactive boy has a social life that he can’t have under normal circumstances and I’ve made some fab friends too. I love that it’s such an inclusive sport and oldies like me are just as welcome as younger teams. I love that Moose and I have developed a strong bond and that he enjoys it so much. I love that it’s become more popular and more people are using the safest equipment for themselves and their dogs

Q2. What don't you like about Canicross ?

A2. There’s not much I don’t like about canicross - only that I wish I was a lot younger and could get out a lot more without getting injuries!

Q3. What are your canicross ambitions for the future ?

A3. Just to complete my 10k- HM canicross course and to continue to get out with our friends to enjoy the trails.

Q4. What are your thoughts approaching our first World Cup, and competing at an international level ?

A4. I don’t have much hope in getting very far but I always like checking out the stats and the challenge involved! I’ll do my best knowing that the handicap will work in my favour!

Q5. What strategies do you think you will use during the tournament ?

A5. I’ll just turn up and run and what will be will be!

Q6. What do you think the secret is to winning a knockout ?

A6. Being speedy! And consistent.

Q7. How do you think you will prepare both mentally and physically for competing in a tough knockout competition ?

A7. I feel I’m getting physically fitter as the weeks go by on my course but I worry about injury. I don’t think I will think too much about it and hope for the best!