Today we talk to Juliet Coleman-Scott - Juliet started running with her dog 'Bonnie' about 4 years ago when she brought her home from a rescue centre. Juliet used to work long hours, so inititially, there used to be lot of out of hours training. Juliet and Bonnie entered their first race with assistance from Sarah at the Dog & Running Company and so embarked on their 5-10k canicross career. They also joined her social group too. Juliet is now retired and so has more time to run together with Bonnie. Last year they added 'Jack' to the canicross family. Like any puppy starting to learn canicross, he has his moments, but he’s getting better but at the starts Jack still doesn’t take it seriously enough & is more interested in Bonnie's line & ears !!

Q1. What do you like about Canicross ?

A1. Bonnie didn’t have the best start in life so was very worried about dogs & people she didn’t know. She also got scared by cars & new places & lots of things really. When she was running she was so busy, that she could pass all the scary things easier & soon she learned not to be as scared at all. Now she loves running especially at the start when she gets to bark to loud as she can & pull really hard. We also have met lots of wonderful friends & we meet up & all run together. Bonnie loves the treats at the end.

Q2. What don't you like about Canicross ?

A2. What’s not to like ? Although sometimes I think Bonnie doesn't want to run with me and would prefer to run solo! I am sure she thinks she would come 1st in every race if she could do it on her own.

Q3. What are your canicross ambitions for the future ?

A3. To keep Bonnie running as long as she can, to keep fit & running as long as I'm able, & to help Jack learn not to get distracted so easily

Q4. What are your thoughts approaching our first World Cup, and competing at an international level ?

A4. Excited & a little scary too

Q5. What strategies do you think you will use during the tournament ?

A5. Just give it our best but we don’t have any strategies as we have no idea how the scoring system works 😂

Q6. What do you think the secret is to winning a knockout ?

A6. Luck, sometimes it all goes well on the day & sometimes Bonnie needs several toilet breaks, or meets someone she knows or has to wait for a tractor to pass 🤷🏻‍♀️

Q7. How do you think you will prepare both mentally and physically for competing in a tough knockout competition ?

A7. Just wing it as usual!

Q8. Are there other questions we should have asked that you would have liked us to ask ? If so what are they and what would be the answer(s)?

A8. Is it cheating? Of course it is. [editorial - no it isn't, LOL], I'm getting on a bit now & could never run as fast as I do on my own (& probably wouldn’t even bother) so I definitley need Bonnie (and soon Jack's)  help. The wonderful thing is though that it doesn’t matter if you are a forward focussed pack of huskies or an omnidirectional spaniel no one in the Canicross community seems to care & we fully support each other & have fun anyway