Today we talk to Jim Brace. Jim has always run with my dogs but didn't realise canicross existed until about 4 years ago . He entered the fur nations at Pembrey with Canix with his rescue hound 'Willow' and his partner ran 'Olive' a staffy. He loves the social aspect of the sport and is a member of Shropshire Canicross, Staffordshire Canicross, and Forest Monsters. He particularly enjoys running rescue dogs in Hillbrae Kennels and Foxhound Welfare. ❤️

Q1. What do you like about Canicross ?

A1. Everything. It's great for fitness for you and the dogs and has a good social scene and has great races to be competitive in too. The Canicross Midlands races are top notch for putting your training into a race environment.

Q2. What don't you like about Canicross ?

A2. I focus on positivity only 😃

Q3. What are your canicross ambitions for the future ?

A3. To stay fit and healthy for my dogs and to continue to compete all over the country when work allows.

Q4. What are your thoughts approaching our first World Cup, and competing at an international level ?

A4. This is a fantastic innovative idea that I am embracing wholeheartedly. I am looking forward to being part of this as much as anything else I will do this year.

Q5. What strategies do you think you will use during the tournament ?

A5. Full on effort and then "what will be will be "

Q6. What do you think the secret is to winning a knockout ?

A6. No secrets just full 100% effort.

Q7. How do you think you will prepare both mentally and physically for competing in a tough knockout competition ?

A7. Train hard as I always do and hopefully have a bit of luck on the way.

Q8. Are there other questions we should have asked that you would have liked us to ask ? If so what are they and what would be the answer(s)?

A8. Which breed is underestimated for canicross. Foxhounds make wonderful canicross partners over all distances but especially long distance. They make such good pets too if you invest the time and love and care into them.❤️