The 2023 World League Cani-Cup (World Cup). Will take place from March 31st through April 2023. It will be a bracketed knockout tournament for 256 canicrossers to compete virtually in a points based competition. Entry is FREE (but limited). Entry is open to any Canicrosser around the World aged 18+

How it Works

Competitors get points for a race. Each competitor also has individual handicap points. The nett score is  race points less the handicap. The winner is the participant with highest resulting nett score that proceeds to the next round.


The Details

The WLC World Cup consists conceptually of 8 knockout rounds (9 if a participant is unseeded and requires to qualify). The competition is a points based 1v1 knockout bracket tournament. Entry is free and open as follows;
a) A current member of the World League Canicross League
b) A member of Barklife with sufficient runs (3) to gain a handicap
c) Any other canicrosser over 18 years old from any country can enter, and will run a pre-qualifying round or submit a race result to the organisers from a recognised event... and then ultimately gain a seed/handicap

The brackets will contain a maximum of 256 competitors. Options to compete shall be in the following order.

1) League members (opting-in) (~64 Competitors)
2) Qualified Barklife members (pre Jan 11th 2023 opting-in) (~64 Competitors)
3) The remaining positions are open to pre-qualifiers (~128 Competitors) (32 of which can be wild card entries depending on demographic mix)

Seeding will be calculated based on any distance over 1Km the seeding will be based on the maximum calculated WLC Points. WLC points are World League Canicross's proprietary canicross calculation points with an age grade component. 

  • The draw is pre calculated based on seed.
  • Every participant will receive a handicap based on either their pre-qualifier run, or their League / Barklife record.
  • Each round the result will be calculated ...  performance points - handicap = nett points.
  • Each round the handicap will be recalculated. Handicaps can increase but not decrease.
  • In the event of an apparent draw. Points will be reviewed to 2 decimal places. If this remains an apparent draw then the highest seed will be considered the winner.
  • Runs will be run virtually and submitted to a special Strava Club set up for the event
  • Results will only be accepted via Strava. First submissions are considered as final. A submission is considered when the bib number is surrounded by hashtags in the Strava activity title.
  • Hashtags must be place on a submission prior to 23:59 GMT on the date of the run (NOT the round).
  • Participants may only run with a maximum of 2 dogs.
  • Runs must finish at an elevation equal to or higher than their start elevation.
  • Pacing and Terrain - please refer to WLC rules regarding pacing and terrain.If the adjudication team are unable to validate the course terrain via Strava, then the run may be subject to disqualification.
  • If no submission is received via the SAD (Strava Auto-download) system 23:59 GMT on the last day of the round will result in forfeiture of the tie.
  • In the event that 256 competitors do not qualify, 'byes' will be allocated to vacated seeds starting at Seed 256 and descending.

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The provisional schedule will be as follows;


Mar 31st Opt-ins completed, Pre-qualifier applications completed
Apr 1-3.... Zone 5 (4.5-5.49Km) Pre-qualification round
Apr 4 .... Rest Day, Seeds and draw announced
Apr 5-7 .... All participants competing in matches of 1v1 (Round 1) -  Zone 2 (1.5-2.49Km) - Round 1
Apr 8 - Rest Day
Apr 9-11 .... 128 participants competing in 64 matches of 1v1 (Round 2 [4 Groups of 32]) - Zone 2 (1.5-2.49Km) - Round 2
Apr 12 - Rest Day
Apr 13-15 .... 64 participants competing in 32 matches of 1v1 (Round 3 [4 Groups of 16]) - Zone 3 (2.5-3.49Km) - Round 3
Apr 16 - Rest Day
Apr 17-18 .... 32 participants competing in 16 matches of 1v1 (Round 4 [Group Quarter Finals]) - Zone 3 (2.5-3.49Km) - Round 4
Apr 19 - Rest Day / Overflow Day
Apr 20-21 .... 16 participants competing in 8 matches of 1v1 (Round 5 [Group Semi Finals]) - Zone 4 (3.5-4.49Km) - Round 5
Apr 22 - Rest Day / Overflow Day
Apr 23-24 .... 8 participants competing in 4 matches of 1v1 (Quarter Finals / [Group Finals]) - Zone 4 (3.5-4.49Km) - Round 6
Apr 25 - Rest Day / Overflow Day
Apr 26-27 .... 4 participants competing in 2 matches of 1v1 (Semi-Finals) - Zone 5 (4.5-5.49Km) - Round 7
Apr 28 & 29 - Rest Days / Overflow Days
Apr 30th .... 2 participants competing in 1 match of 1v1 (Final) - Zone 5 (4.5-5.49Km) - Round 8